Hard Hats / Safety Helmets

 1. TUFF Hard Hat
Available in various colours
 2. TUFF Hard Hat Brim Type
Available in various colours

New design setting the standards for comfort, style & versatility. The standard of the TUFF helmet takes style & comfort to a new level.

A low profile shell, along with a new design & suspension system, provides maximum comfort with a look that workers prefer.

The shell is made with durable injection moulded high-density polyethylene.

TUFF helmets are designed with accessory slots to accommodate many add-on features.
Novel design, comfortable wearing & elegant appearance characterise the safety helmets.
These helmets are widely used in construction, electric power, metallurgy and many other industries.

Advanced Features:

  • Rigid Shell
  • Fully adjustable six point headgear suspensions
  • Slotted integration of wide range of accessories (earmuffs, face shields, visors etc)
  • Breathable sweatband
  • Reinforced ribs for extra protection
  • Advanced lateral & penetration protection from all four directions
  • Accepts optional chin strap for added security
  • Washable & easily replaceable air cushioned foam layer to hold perspiration
  • Light weight & comfortable
  • Complies with new South African National
  • Standard SANS 1397:2003
  • SABS approved

3. TUFF Hard Hat With lamp bracket
& cord holder. Available in various colours

4. TUFF Hard Hat-ABS-AV
ABS material - air vents. Available in
various colours



5. Spare Inners
To fit item # 1, 2 & 3


Advanced Features:
• Lightweight ABS plastic
• Contoured rain channel
• Ratchet system
• Meets South African National Standards
SANS 1397:2003
• Slotted integration of wide range of earmuffs,
face shields & visors
• Four point lightweight

6. Chin Strap

 Hard Hat Inner  Hard Hat ratchet system  Luminous Hard Hat


Bump Cap with padded inner



              • Air cushioned foam layer to hold perspiration
                                       • Easily replaced
                                       • Washable

Colours Available:
Different colours can be used to identify different job functions, trades or departments within an organisation.
* Special colours available on request