Cleaning Rags

Polo Coloured
Cotton blend, reclaimed material, thin and light weight. Ideal for general maintenance, painters & workshops.

Coloured Vesting (CV)
Perfect for a variety of applications and environmentally friendly.  Phoenix RAGS are made from the worn sweat shirts. Sturdy cotton fabric is known for absorbency and durability  - wet or dry. Comes in a variety of mixed colours.
Excellent for polishing automotive finishes and metal. Very absorbent, soft and light weight.

Terry one side and smooth on the other side. Reclaimed material. Multipurpose rag.  Low lint. Excellent for janitorial / custodial applications.

Mutton Cloth
Wide knitted. Packed in 400g, 500g and 1kg packs.

Light Cotton (QT)
Coloured cotton wipes. Uniformly sized pieces, reclaimed material. For general cleaning.

Graded, from recycled bleached and white knit cottens. A high performance rag. Excellent for furniture or wood staining.